Ridiculous Fishing Guide, Cheats and Walkthrough

Ridiculous Fishing Guide

Getting Started Step by Step

Ridiculous Fishing Guide and cheats

Ridiculous Fishing Guide and cheats

  • First Free download Ridiculous Fishing.

Ridiculous Fishing Guide iso

  • After download and installation start it by open option. There would be an introduction to Billy as a fisherman.

Ridiculous Fishing Guide tips iso

  • Tap the screen to continue and cast your line down for caching fish.  While doing this, line and hook will move deep and would be available to grab fish.

Ridiculous Fishing tricks iso

  • When line is going down tilt your device to avoid obstacles and fish. As it is required that line and hook should move deep and deep into the sea to catch more number of fish.

Ridiculous Fishing trick iso

  • Your line will start retracting back when a fish is hooked onto a reel. Now Title the device near all the fish on the way back to grab all these. This is main plan of caching maximum fishes.

Ridiculous Fishing Guiding tips iso

  • Now when your hook is reeled in and you will be in boat.  Quickly ready to work these grabbed fish.

Ridiculous Fishing Guides new

  • In the boat the fish will start flying into the air, at this stage tap on them to shoot. You will earn money if destroy a fish before it hit the ground.

Ridiculous Fishing Guides iso

  • Shoot these fishes continuously until and unless they are either swim back or destroyed completely.
  • After going through last fish destroying, there will be results screen with all information of the money you collected in this round. You can use this money to purchase upgrades from the store of this game.

Ridiculous Fishing reports

Inside The Ridiculous Fishing Shop

  • Tap on the “Store” button showed on the results screen; to increase chances of earning more money and fish buy upgrades and other items.
  • Reels: Upgraded reels will allow going deepest with each cast, so purchased it given in the first column.
  • Guns: Made a purchase of new guns from next column. Better and upgraded guns will destroy all the fish easier and quicker, actually it requires fewer shots to take out one fish and to earn more money.
  • Lures: In the next column, buy new and upgrade lures that then catch more fish on the way back up easily.
  • Tech: Special gadgets are available in the tech column, by using these gadgets your fishing experience will become easier and faster.
  • Misc: In miscellaneous column you can purchase to make Billy look beautiful.
  • The process of purchasing these is very simple, just tap on the item and tap on the price to make a transaction finally.

Ridiculous Fishing Shop

How to Purchase from Ridiculous Fishing Store

  • Chainsaw: upgrade the chainsaw as it is cheaper and will help to score more although not experienced you are.

Ridiculous Fishing Chainsaw

  • Buy deepest reels to hook all the fish reeled in from first three areas of the map.
  • Also purchase the best guns and cheap tech to use these with deepest reels
  • Buy automatic weapons like the Uzi or Mini-Guns if you are accurate to handle these. Stronger Magnums, Shotguns, and Bazookas are better for a natural marksman.
  • Purchase two number of lantern to see anything under 250 or so meters. With these two you can grab more fishes in chainsaw and wiggling screen.
  • Purchase the Boot: Buy a boot for $1,000 from Tech section. This boot will allow you to get a 100 meter head begin in first location and you can catch rare and valuable fish easily. Therefore do this work on priority basis.

Ridiculous Fishing Boot Free Download

Map Purchase Order:

  • In this game basically there’re four maps: Home Waters, The Maelstrom, Arctic Floes, and Stormy Seas. Make a movement back and forth at anytime by unlocking a map.

Ridiculous Fishing maps Free Download

  • The first three levels are ended with quasi-boss characters and comparatively shallow with others. These levels are depending on actions to make other special extraordinary fish become visible only in the deep sea. Crushing some of the larger fish, squid hat, will make special garb come out in the store.
  • It is not required to hit the 3rd boss to release the 4th level: make a focus on collecting more exclusive species by purchasing more reels to unchain it. In the maps the best place to mince for cash is The Maelstrom. So as quicker you reach the faster you can win more items.

Common Tips:

  • Boost your run by short and light taps. So it is not necessary to hold taps while casting your line down unless you required it.
  • Your playing position is very important in this game. You small movement will effect on crashing with obstacles and fish. So get comfortable, straight your back and keep your elbows out as videogames are very serious business for health.
  • First try to do well out your Fishopedia before max out every item category.  Focus on gasoline and chainsaw upgrades, as these are more helpful playing this game.

Ridiculous Fishing Fishopedia Free Download

  • Drill with gas is also very important in view. You can use it as life saver and using it your can move down deeper and deeper. It is very simple way to lose fast with fun.

Catching the Rarest Fish in Game

  • Rare fish are every in the ocean especially in bottom. The special hint to find rare fish keep watch on fast moving fish near the surface of water in the first levels. Location Unknown marked on some fish which are deep in important location The Maelstrom.
  • A fish can be captured by killing it underwater, in the air, or by using tech. An upgraded gun is best choice to capture one species that had never seen before.
  • When you move deep in the levels you’ll be able to see rare fish. Therefore complete levels as soon as possible to catch rear fish by Fishopedia.
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  • Always avoid the carrier fish; they will screw your position up.
  • Try to use chainsaw on high-value and high-strength fishes during descend. When these fishes were killed by the chainsaw, they get you the equal money.
  • Use hard tilts to collect the mainly fish doable as it is reeled up. Tilting lightly may not net you as many fish. You can possibly grab larger fish that are on the other side of the screen using this tactic.

Ridiculous Fishing Cheats and Walkthrough

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Ridiculous Fishing Guide Free Download Now

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