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Raw Data Free Download
Raw Data Neo-Shinjuku – 2271. The massive and seemingly benevolent Eden Corporation owns the world. The elite hacker resistance movement SyndiK8 has unearthed the sinister reality behind Eden Corp’s newest line of robotic products. As one of SyndiK8’s top operatives, your mission is simple: infiltrate Eden Tower, steal one geopbyte of data, and get out alive–bringing Eden Corp down in your wake.

Built from the ground up for virtual reality, Raw Data’s action combat gameplay, intuitive controls, challenging enemies, and sci-fi atmosphere will completely immerse you within the game world. Go solo—or team up with a friend—and become the adrenaline-charged heroes of your own futuristic technothriller. You will put your wits, boldness, and endurance to the test.

Active VR gameplay turns you into a controller, with instant reflex access to an arsenal of advanced weapons and cutting-edge nanotech powers. Shared spaces with avatars and motion tracking encourage players to physically communicate through body language and environment interaction.

Key Features

Active VR Combat: Utilize your body to pump shotguns, draw and fire explosive arrows, dual wield pistols, hurl grenades, slash and slice katanas, deflect projectiles, do gun tricks, or even use your fists in close-quarters combat.
Choose Your Hero:Play as one of two starting heroes–Gun Cleric or Cyber Ninja–each with their own unique weapons and technopowers, including bullettime, telekinesis, sword throwing, rapid fire, levitation, charged shots, and more. Holster up and pull weapons off your body with physical loadout and check your stats on the in-game forearm display.
Deadly Defenses: Hack into Eden’s munitions database to access weapon upgrades and deadly defense systems to amplify your shootout strategy. Transform your environment with turrets, barricades, dynamic cover, and traps.
Adaptable Enemies: Battle against swaths of murderous machines, including ninja stealthers, laser gunners, heavy rocket mechs, jumping crawlers, flying drones, chargers, and more.
Online Co-op: Team up in a shared co-op VR space that encourages social communication via body language, facial expression, blended animation, and simulated eye contact.


Played for about 35 minutes, very much like the movement system and the general polish on the game. The first mission got pretty frantic quickly and whilst I am still getting used to the aiming I had a lot of fun dodging and ducking to avoid getting killed. Not really sure yet what I’m supposed to do to avoid the large robots rockets though.

Mostly what I am enjoying is the fact that this appears (although half the missions don’t exist yet) to be a well produced piece of content. There are different characters you can be, with different special abilities and unlocks. Voice acting seems pretty solid although the context/story is a little light, at least there is some sort of attempt at that, The initial gun feels ok, I would have hoped the sound of it firing could be improved but it is the starting weapon and perhaps there are better weapons to get.

Overall the whole game just has a ‘proper game’ feel that so much in VR lacks right now. Along with the action which has been fun and tense thus far this seems like one of the best titles available for VR right now.

Game Title ====> Raw Data
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Survios
Publisher: Survios
Release Date: 15 Jul, 2016

Raw Data Free Download

Raw Data Free Download

Raw Data characters have been developed. Raw Data gameplay is very easy to understand and to play frequently. Gameplay, trainer, cheats, and review can also be search out for more details. We have just provide system requirements, cheats and Raw Data free download link for our visitors. Highly compressed the game is. Download 2015 PC Games for free and play with new features. Raw Data is a new pc game 2016. You may also like:-

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Raw Data System Requirements
Raw Data System Requirements are described in the content below. With these specifications, the game will run smoothly and graphics would be crystal clear. A machine (CPU) better than these specifications is most beneficiary.

  • Processor : Core 2 Duo, INTEL CPU: Pentium IV, 1.4 GHz, AMD CPU: Guron 2.0 GHz
  • Operating System : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • VGA (Graphic Card) : 1 GB (Nvidia GPU: GeForce FX 5200, AMD GPU: Radeon Xpress 1200 Series)
  • RAM : 2 GB or Higher
  • DX : DirectX 9.0c
  • Sound Card Compatibility : DirectX 9.0c
  • Disc Drive : DVD-ROM at 8x Speed
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection or other available connection

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How to Install Raw Data

Install Raw Data pc game in this simple manner:

  • Download : The game in installer form
  • Install : The .exe file
  • Accept : The terms and conditions for smooth installation. Wait till complete installation
  • Play : The game and have a FUN!
  • Support : the web, which game you truly enjoy!

Raw Data Free Download PC Game Full Version

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