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Monstrum Free Download
Monstrum takes the traditional survival horror formula and remixes it completely with procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and AI driven predators, ensuring that nowhere on its derelict cargo ship is ever truly safe.

Offering up a challenge to even the hardiest of gamers, Monstrum will force you to use your wits and whatever tools you can find to outrun or outsmart your pursuer. Attempt to escape from an environment that is out to kill you while evading the lurking terror that could be around any corner. Can you survive Monstrum?

Key Features

Three Unique Monsters
Face one of three monster types each play-through, each one with different behaviours and tactics. Can you work your way out of an ambush or escape a direct attack? And will the same actions work every time?

Procedural Arena
Prepare for a different gameplay environment each time you play as the ship’s interior shifts shape with every run, changing the location of items along the way.

Escape Routes
Discover different methods of escape and delve into the bowels of the ship to recover items you need to repair them.

Opportunities and Hazards
Use whatever you can find to try and outwit the monster. Hide in lockers or under furniture. Use distractions to attract the monster to you, or, perhaps more wisely, to where you’ve just been, but be careful not to run too fast lest you fall into one of the ships numerous traps along the way.

Death is death. Get killed in Monstrum and you’ll be starting again. In a different ship, probably against a different monster. Good luck. Start running.


Horror is my favorite game genre because it invokes so much emotion. Unlike a horror movie, if there is something you don’t like you can’t just look away and pretend the threat isn’t there. In a horror video game you need to act or else you will die. This is true for any horror game, but I think it is the most true for Monstrum. Why? Well for a few big reasons:

1) The environment is random every time you play. Because of this, you feel lost every time and you need to build an incredibly vague map in your head on where you have already been and where you need to go next. It’s like the worst scavenger hunt you can imagine yourself being in. It’s a frickin nightmare.

2) The monster is chosen randomly each time. The beginning of each new game is always terrifying because you have no idea what is after you until it gets close. Each monster is terrifying in it’s own way. They are either loud and terrifying to look at, or really fast and hard to see. Each monster is scary in their own unique way, making each experience fresh. When you get seen you need to make extremely quick decisions on where and when you should hide.

3) The monsters don’t f**k around. You have to run as soon as they see you. LIKE RIGHT WHEN IT HAPPENS you better have a finger on the shift key and hauling out of there.

Basically, this game takes what is consistently scary (the unknown) and puts it into every aspect of the game. Unknown layout, unknown item placement, and unknown enemy and turns it into a great experience. I still have yet to beat the game after all this time, and I actually love that about it. It should be this hard. It should make you feel like the terror is greater than your courage.

The terror is smarter than you. The terror is better than you. But you are going to do everything you can to fight it and escape.

Game Title ====> Monstrum
Initial release date: January 29, 2015
Genre: Indie, Early Access
Developer: Team Junkfish
Publisher: Independent
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Monstrum Free Download

Monstrum Free Download

Monstrum characters have been developed. Monstrum gameplay is very easy to understand and to play frequently. Gameplay, trainer, cheats, and review can also be search out for more details. We have just provide system requirements, cheats and Monstrum free download link for our visitors. Highly compressed the game is.
Monstrum System Requirements
Monstrum System Requirements are described in the content below. With these specifications, the game will run smoothly and graphics would be crystal clear. A machine (CPU) better than these specifications is most beneficiary.

  • Processor : Core 2 Duo, INTEL CPU: Pentium IV, 1.4 GHz, AMD CPU: Guron 2.0 GHz
  • Operating System : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • VGA (Graphic Card) : 1 GB (Nvidia GPU: GeForce FX 5200, AMD GPU: Radeon Xpress 1200 Series)
  • RAM : 4 GB or Higher
  • DX : DirectX 9.0c
  • Sound Card Compatibility : DirectX 9.0c
  • Disc Drive : DVD-ROM at 8x Speed
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection or other available connection
  • Free HDD Space : 3.0 GB or Higher

Monstrum Cheats

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How to Install Monstrum
Install Monstrum pc game in this simple manner:

  • Download : The game in installer form
  • Install : The .exe file
  • Accept : The terms and conditions for smooth installation. Wait till complete installation
  • Play : The game and have a FUN!
  • Support : the web, which game you truly enjoy!

Monstrum Free Download PC Game Full Version

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Monstrum Free Download

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