Battlefleet Gothic Armada Free Download PC Game

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Free Download for PC Full Version

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Free Download
Battlefleet Gothic Armada is the RTS videogame adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic tabletop game, pitting the Chaos, Imperium, Eldar, and Orks against each other in visceral space-battles.

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada offers deep management of every ship composing the player’s fleet, both during and between battles. From the fastest frigates to the gigantic, miles-long battleships, the player will customize all aspects of his ships: weaponry, defense and support sub-systems, but also crew, captains, and more… each customization affecting the very performances of the ship and the special abilities available during battle. From battle to battle, the admirals and crew of surviving ships will gain experience and promotions, improving the battle-readiness of the ships for future, bigger and more dangerous battles.

Additionally an extensive multiplayer mode with persistent fleets where up to 4 players can battle simultaneously, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada also features a big story campaign, taking place during the 12th Black Crusade and putting players in the middle of the Gothic War that raged between the Imperium and Abaddon the Despoiler. Players will be at the centre of every fight, commanding fleets of gigantic ships as the Chaos unleash a sequential chain of surprise attacks on Imperium worlds – the start of 20 years of warring in the sector.

Key Features

*) An expansive single-player campaign across the Gothic sector.
*) Four factions to command, each one with its own strengths and skills.
*) Tactical PVP multiplayer offering infinite replayability.
*) A huge array of authentically recreated Battlefleet Gothic ships.
*) A real-time strategy experience retaining many of the tactical Battlefleet Gothic elements.
*) A plethora of lore-abiding skills to fill the player’s arsenal.
*) Upgrade and apply skills at port Maw


As the Emperor of Mankind, I declare that this adaptation of the table-top game “Battlefleet: Gothic” shall be graced by the approval of Humanity’s eternal guardian.

This game truly captures the essence of the eternally belligerent galaxy that we reside in, a masterpiece for portraying the horrors and reality of void combat in the 41st millenium. From the spires upon the Emperor-class battleship, to the scars of the Dark Gods laid upon the abominable Chaos Navy, every crevice is laden with the detail of these dark times.

Whether you are loyal to the most indomnible species the galaxy shall ever know, a slave to your primal desires, or belong to one of the plethora of the damnable Xenos, there is a place for any and all Admirals seeking to test their mettle in the curcible of space combat in the grim darkness of the far future.

The Positives:
-The setting is truly among the best of all games set in this universe, on par with other titles such as “Space Marine”
-Accompanying the setting is a soundtrack that touches the very soul with the theme and tone of Warhammer
-A variety of mankind’s best factions, and its enemies, ensure that any playstyle can be adopted for any Admiral
-Each voice rings with a passionate zeal that is well suited for Mankind’s finest, and visa versa for heretics and Xenos
-Replayability is high, especially taking into consideration that many more factions are to come
-Campaign tells the tale of the war in the Gothic sector from the point of view of Admiral Spire, and does so very well
-Multiplayer can provide enjoyment for those that seek to compete with others over Terra’s global communications network
-A variety of tactics can be used, even within a single faction, including but not limited to; Utilizing precious ships as makeshift battering rams, keeping the enemy at a distance with lance batteries, deploying boarding troops and squadrons to purge enemy ships, concealment via gas clouds, forcibly shoving an enemy ship into an asteroid field, and saturations of “dakka”
-Upgrades and favors from sub-factions contribute to the usage of colorful tactics as mentioned above
-Your goals are not entirely centered around the purgation of mankind’s enemies; there are different missions to undertake such as the assassination of a hostile admiral, aquiring intelligence for the fleet, and more,

However, as with all mortal creations, there remain flaws with this title.

Items requiring oversight by the Adeptus Mechanicus:
-I damn the Eldar and their accursed fleet. Their capabilities are far beyond that of the Eldar in our realm.
-Competition with others in the Multiplayer can sometimes be a steep learning curve, as well as a material impediment as more experienced admirals will overrun those who have less rank
-Other than the vain Eldar, general balance must be returned to all fleets so as to ensure more fair and enjoyable matches
-The restrictions on the size of fleets can be a minor nuisance for those who desire a properly sized fleet, not a mere flotilla
-Though humorous, impacting a Greenskin Krooza only to watch it fly unnaturally quick through the void is one of a few glitches that should be addressed
-The User’s Interface requires more thorough examination and repair.
-The production team would do well to heed the words of their Emperor; “Communication bears the fruit of improvement.”

I give this title a 9/10. Would most certainly play with a fragmented soul.

Game Title ====> Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Tindalos Interactive
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: March 2016

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Free Download

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Free Download

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Battlefleet Gothic Armada System Requirements
Battlefleet Gothic Armada System Requirements are described in the content below. With these specifications, the game will run smoothly and graphics would be crystal clear. A machine (CPU) better than these specifications is most beneficiary.

  • Processor : Core 2 Duo, INTEL CPU: Pentium IV, 1.4 GHz, AMD CPU: Guron 2.0 GHz
  • Operating System : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • VGA (Graphic Card) : 1 GB (Nvidia GPU: GeForce FX 5200, AMD GPU: Radeon Xpress 1200 Series)
  • RAM : 2 GB or Higher
  • DX : DirectX 9.0c
  • Sound Card Compatibility : DirectX 9.0c
  • Disc Drive : DVD-ROM at 8x Speed
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection or other available connection

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Cheats

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How to Install Battlefleet Gothic Armada

Install Battlefleet Gothic Armada pc game in this simple manner:

  • Download : The game in installer form
  • Install : The .exe file
  • Accept : The terms and conditions for smooth installation. Wait till complete installation
  • Play : The game and have a FUN!
  • Support : the web, which game you truly enjoy!

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Free Download PC Game Full Version

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